Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Test is Over.

It had  been a long-ass time since I believed anything.  It usually doesn't behoove me to wear the jaded New Yorker jacket though. Here are my newest beliefs. 

I believe seeing the Tindersticks show in Brooklyn on March 6, 2009 will renew my soul. 
When I purchased the tickets, I had a set person in mind to join me but alas it probably won't happen. Let's see what God has in mind for that particular night. 

I believe in French butter. A crumpet turns into art, slice of toast is no longer bland all thanks to the magic that is French butter. Yes, I believe in the the beauty of slight things.
I had been battling God for a week or more but as the Flaming Lips say at the end of Fight Test, "The test is over." 

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